Thursday, July 15, 2010


Ry and I went to visit Noriko and Lyla chan at Steamer's cafe today down in Hebara. I LOVE the Garlic Prawns there! Yum! Ry was super grumpy from no sleep (5am wake up for no reason..again..) but eventually he got some genki and the kids played a little. Lyla is 6 months and Ry 10months and it was amazing to see the difference. I can't beleive how much Ry has grown lately-he is now almost walking, doing some crazy frog crawl, talking a little in both Japanese and English (most probably only Kuni and I can understand, but he's repeating almost everything we say to him!) and he is sleeping less and less (great).

The wind was full blown onshore and surf almost flat, but it was lovely to sit looking out onto the ocean on such a clear day.

Thanks to Steamer's for having us again and to Noriko and Lyla for inviting us!

See you guys again soon

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