Saturday, March 28, 2009

Baby bump!

My little baby boy is getting bigger and bigger! So excited to add a boy to the family finally :)


Snow Splash 2009 in Hakuba

All photos copyright Irwin Wong, Outdoor Japan

The downstairs party

Belly Dancer going off upstairs

Rum and Coke without the rum for the mumma to be!

Sexy Sexy!





Again Outdoor Japan's annual Hakuba Snow Splash was a rockin party up at Tracks Bar, Goryu. Thanks to everyone for their hard work and support each year. Cheers to Corona for pitching in as main sponsor this year, as well as Myers Rum, Automation, Level Gloves, Evergreen Outdoors and many more.
See you again next year!

Friday, March 27, 2009


Kuni with Satiyah and Kirtan. All photos copyright Dustin Elliston.

Kuni working hard!

Angie working hard!

Both of us working hard!!

Visiting an orphange for girls.

Kuni shooting as usual

waiting for the swell to pick up

camera crew!


Last day at the Surfing Ashram

Last week Kuni and I came back from our 1 month 'search for surf' in India. It was an amazing trip and we want to go back already! India is mind blowing-the colors, people, smells, smiles, animals, rivers, oceans, waves, food...everything was just amazing!

Our story will be featured in BLUE magazine's May/June issue released on May 9th. Until then you can wait for Kuni's spectacular photos!

Just before we left we learned we were pregnant with our first child. Due in September, our baby is growing every day-so exciting!!!