Monday, June 30, 2008


金曜日の朝にアンジーは一番早くに起きて、犬達と散歩して、ちょっとのんびりしました。天気がくもりから富士山を見えなかった。男達起きたら、starbucksのんで、let's go to Shizunami!

Kuni came home on Thursday morning, and then Thurs night we were off with the dogs and Yama chan to JPSA long contest in Shizuoka. Kuni drove us as far as the Fujikawa parking, and we all crashed out for the night in the camping car. I awoke first on Friday morning, but clouds prevented my view of Fuji. Taking the pups for a stroll, chillin and doing some reading, the boys finally woke up and then we had some starbucks and left for Shizunami.

それで、静波に着いて、波ぜんぜんなかった。クニは土曜日から写真撮るから、とりあえず御前崎に言って、Cloveru Surfboardsのryosukeくんとのんびりサーフィンしました!水はめちゃめちゃきれいと温かいだった!波はマーマー出来た!
We arrived at Shizunami and the waves were non existent-dead flat! So Kuni had the day off and we drove down to visit Cloveru Surfboard Shaper Ryosuke Kun at koya surf in Omaezaki, had a fun sure-water was warm and amazing, crystal clear.

We crashed that night by the beach back in Shizunami-watched a DVD in the camping car and then fell asleep to the sound of the waves.....or water rippling along the sand, whatever you want to say. There were nice sounds but the surf was flat!

There were no waves on Saturday, or Sunday, so after only completing one round on Saturday, waiting all day and into the next, which only brought torrential rain and less surf, the event finally was called off early Sunday morning. We slept some more, had a deserved onsen, then made the trek back home to Chiba.
I really need to get some good surf soon....

Saturday, June 21, 2008

NSA and Kuni in Bali




Hey guys,

back from the NSA Tokyo contest today at Isumi, won my first heat and then got knocked out in round 2, spewin! Better luck next time ey!

Kuni is still in Indo, his pics from the Bali JPSA contest are up on the JPSA website, so check em out. Poor thing is over that way for a month and can't even surf once......just snappin away day in day out.

It's still raining in Japan. Yey.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

I can only grimace in shame.....

Yesterday I was in Tokyo going to a meeting, when I stumbled upon a pet store that allowed it's dogs to run free and play without a care in the world. Intrigued, I entered. Never judge a pet shop by its cover, especially in Tokyo. Always assume it's 10 times more this case, 20 times.

After falling in love with the Dulux-commercial big pup who was running around like crazy, occasionally stopping to relieve his dry throat by drinking from the fish tanks, I almost stopped short when I noticed a small monkey in an aquarium, next to another glass prison full of tropical lizards, backing onto another cage with a barely alive Fruit bat.....

Needless to say I snapped a couple of photos for my blog so that everyone can see the real pet-shop situation in Japan (my stomach churns thinking about those in other parts of Asia...) and that something should be done to help these poor creatures who are being hauled up in tini tiny cages with astounding price tags waiting for some rich business man to come and buy his precious daughter an illegal endangered green lizard for girl's day.

Not cool.


Saturday, June 14, 2008

Benji in Harajuku!

今夜、原宿Burton Storeで、ベンジーのDVD Launch Partの仕事しました。Surf 1st Magazineで。去年ベンジとー達インタビューしてたから、今回も仲良くて、楽し仕事出来た。かわいい彼女のMaiちゃんも一緒に遊んで、DVDも最高でした!今回カラニーが来れなかったけど、DVDいっぱい出たよ!

Burton Storeはコールドロームがあるから、1回ベンジーと私の友達のアヤちゃんと3人が入って、GuchというChannelIslands人がドアをロックして、出れなかった!そのルームの中は本当寒かったといっぱいbudweiserあったよ!面白かった。



I just got back from Harajuku where I went to Benji Weatherly's DVD launch party at the Burton Tokyo Store. Working for Surf 1st magazine, like last year, we had a laugh working and drinking and Benji's beautiful girl Mai was there hanging out too.

The DVD was amazing, worth it and you should all go out and buy a copy! Kalani is hilarious in it.

The Burton store has a cold room that is like a giant fridge and you are supposed to use it when you're trying on your snow gear. Benji just had to show me and Aya, so we went in and froze amongst the cases of Bud, and then Channel Islands head guru Guch decided to lock us in-thanks Guch.

Kuni is still in Indo, so I had to work with another cameraman so that was interesting, but he's always in my heart (corny) so I could still relax as if we were there working together.

The interview was a huge laugh as always with Benji Weatherly, so check it out sometime in Surf 1st if you can read Japanese! Ha!

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Greenroom 08



Jack-Photo Taisuke Yokoyama

このあいだ友達とGreenroom行きました!Outdoor Japanというのマガジンで私はたまに仕事してるからプレスパスもって楽しんだ!大好きなAussie
ブルースアーチストAsh Grundwaldと合って、Jonas Glass VisionもRickie-GもKeisonも良かった!雨いっぱい降ったのにいっぱい人いたね。クニちゃんはJPSAあったから行けなかったから、来年一緒に行きたいです。

Few weeks ago I went to Greenroom Festival 08 on a press pass from my lovely editor at Outdoor Japan Magazine-thanks G! Caught up with rocking Blues artist, Aussie Ash Grunwald, checked out Jonas' Glass Vision, and chilled to the fine tunes of Rickie-G and Keison. The constant rain didn't keep the music lovers away, with a turn out perhaps bigger than last year.
Kuni was shooting the JPSA again so missed out, hopefully we can go together next year!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

73 Lover撮影

クニがバリ行く前いに一緒に73 Loverの撮影出来た。洋服がちょうかわいいかった。クニありがとう☆

Sunday, June 1, 2008


タイトビーチでサーフフェスタを見に行って、ともちゃんがきれいhula girlだった!まりちゃんも初めて足を海に入って、びびて泣いちゃった!chickenちゃんだね!頑張れまりちゃん!


Yesterday Kuni left for Bali, and he won't be back until the end of the month-sad! But, even though there was no Kuni, we still were able to do a good photo shoot for Cloveru's next catalogue with Brother Sho behind the camera....pants and all! Thanks to nan chan and daddy yoshi for modeling with me!
Finally the sun was shining, so stupidly I stayed out in it all day without putting on any cream and got frizzled....thanks to my 3/4 tights, I now have permanent red knee high socks that offer free warmth and constant pain....yippe.

The Surf Town Festa was held at Taito too today, tomo was looking so beautiful in her Hula outfit and Mari put her toes in the water for the first time, hated it and screamed. ha.

Oh yeah, and our new car came 2 days ago....little miss's really cool. yey!

sleepy now, nighty night!