Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A journey into the unknown...

On Sunday, Kuni and I will take off for a month on a journey into the unknown. Although we have both ventured to interesting and far-off places, both together and by ourselves, this trip will mark the beginning of a new kind of journey for us.

With our first child unborn and growing strong in my belly, this trip will be not just the two of us, but ultimately three. We will be more careful than usual, as this journey is into a world full of trouble, poverty, disease, terror and fear. Yet, what draws us there despite all this is the beauty, the unknown, and the remaining purity, not only in the people, but in the land.

Yes, it is a work trip, but it is one of a new kind. The trust we have with our partners gives us the total freedom to work on instinct, to shoot what we want, to search for surf, and to do it together. We are lucky to have created this environment in which to work from.

Will we get sick? Probably. Will we get robbed? High possibility. Will we have times where we wish we never had taken part on this mission? I am sure. But most importantly, I am sure this will be one of the most incredible, soul searching and eye-opening trips either of us will ever take part on. And we will do it together.

Photos and stories when we return...until then, namaste...