Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Mumma Surfin

You can keep the surf away from the mumma but you can't keep the mumma away from the surf.
It's hot and there's swell, so baby or no baby, I'm out there on whatever I can ride.
It's amazing how much fun you can have for 800yen ($8)...

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Hayley Sales / Ashleigh Mannix Unplugged Sunset Live at KULA

Billabong Japan & Surf Rock International presents:

Hayley Sales / Ashleigh Mannix Unplugged Sunset Live at KULA

【日時】7月31日(金)Friday July 31st
【OPEN/START】17時開場/18時開演 5pm open, 6pm start
【出演】ヘイリー・セールズ、アシュリー・マニックス / Hayley Sales, Ashleigh Mannix
【場所】Kula リゾート / Kula Resort

Friday, July 24, 2009

Slowin Down to the Good Life

Back from endless shoot trips both overseas and here in Japan, Kuni has been getting back into the swing of home life. With less than 6 weeks to go before the baby is born, I am under semi-house arrest, having been a little too active up until now and getting the strict word from the doctor and Kuni to slow down. Being the middle of summer holidays here now, it's not so difficult to get into a routine of working on the laptop from the couch under the air con, with daytime soaps and movie breaks to force relaxation. And it's just nice to have Kuni home.


Getting into the swing of Home Life-the new work bench

And trimmin the bloody bamboo

It's funny to see how much your body changes during pregnancy, even the simple act of going out to a BBQ for a few hours with good friends is totally draining, or perhaps it was because of the amount I laughed in one sitting! Thanks to the 73R family for inviting us and giving Kuni and good excuse to let his hair down for an afternoon.


73 Family

Happy Birthday Kazuma Pro!!

Drunk Kuni waterbomb fight ass stance!

Feeling the baby kick

I am still making it to the beach almost every evening for a big walk with the dogs, although even that is starting to get tough. But I am not cutting the beach out of my life! So will just have to tone down the walks instead. When I got to Shida, the surf was pumping; a new swell that we have been waiting on for weeks. I called Kuni who was at home building things on his new work bench, and he grabbed the closest camera to him and came down to shoot until the sunset. Check out his blog and pics from last night at


Finally a good summer swell at Shida

With the dogs on our daily beach walk, Shida

Ai chan exhausted after a 3am wake up and trip to the beach with Dad for fishing and surfing

Time for some more movies and maybe a tim tam. Nice!


Peace & Love

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

It's here!

Officially the rainy season is over, and summer has settled in. The water is still a little icy here in Ichinomiya, but once your legs go numb it's all good fun! Surf has been flat, which for once doesn't bother me in the least! I'm enjoying my pregnant walks and swims every day, along with having a suprisingly busy week working!


Tired from working too hard, Kuni

Taito: no waves, no people. Perfect!

A little bit of love goes a long way! Home-Grown Super Cuey!

Nothing like a Java Chip frappa to kick off a busy morning of meetings in Tokyo. Balance that with a grainy sandy to try and keep the doctor off my back...

Saturday, July 11, 2009

mmm yum

Fresh Vegies from the garden!! Yum Yum.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Welcome July

How fast has 2009 gone! Amazing to think it was back in February when Kuni and I were cruizing around India searching for we are settling into Summer in Japan, still working like crazy, but most importantly, counting down the final weeks until our son is born!
Exciting times. Here's some pics from the Takanami lives of late:

Kuni shot:from his recent boat trip in North Sumatra with Taro Yamamoto

not much longer to go now...

home from Sumatra and taking a much deserved rest before heading off to Miyazaki for another shoot

Totoro chan!

Ai with her new summer cut!

Friday, July 3, 2009

Waiting Time....



Only 2 months to go which makes me realize how fast this year has gone, yet at the same time these last couple of months seem to be dragging on. Kuni has been overseas for work so I've been plugging along by myself, which is testing for the mind! Without close family an arm's stretch away, pregnancy in a foreign country can be somewhat testing, but luckily I have had great support from kuni's family and our close friends. Not to mention the dogs, who have kept me company on our walks at the beach every day!

This is the longest I haven't been able to surf, and with constant swell hitting Chiba that has been quite frustrating...but there's not long to go now so it's just a matter of staying relaxed and positive, and soon I'll be surfing with my son!