Wednesday, August 6, 2008

たいだいま!we're back!

G'day friends!


Bilabong Pro WQS 6 Star 大会に行って、1週間毎日仕事しました。


ハワイ人のDustin Cuizonがチャンピオンなりました。本当小さい波でまだリッピングして、上手かった!

来月のSurf 1stでクニの写真とアンジーがやったいろいろなインタビュー出るから、もちろんチェック!



Hey and we are back from Iraco where we worked shooting and interviewing/translating at the WQS Billabong Pro.

Super tired, super hot, sunburnt, there was no surf, ra ra ra.

Dustin Cuizon took out the contest, was ripping in the small stuff.

Jadson Andre blew the spectators away with his speed and airs.

Teppei gave it all he had and made it to the round of 16.

If there had've been surf it would have been a great event!

Back home now, still no waves, still hot......

Bought this new White Beer down in Tahara but didn't open them until just now...tastes crap....note to self, do not experiment and always stick to what you know is best.

Too tired to write this blog.

Buy Surf 1st next month if you live in Japan for Kuni's pics and my interviews from the comp!

Nighty Night!