Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Back Home

Adelaide Sunsets

Well Ry and I have been back in oz for 3 weeks again, whilst Papa Kuni is off in Hawaii, Sri Lanka and Bali shooting and working hard! The past few weeks have been full of action, with tough family situations to deal with as well as lots of great moments with friends, family and plenty of beach time in this pristine weather!
Last weekend we stayed down at Middleton for a few days with the cousins, to celebrate Aunty Chris' 65th birthday! Aunty Chris has been diagnosed with a terminal rare blood disease, but is fighting with all her might and doing well. The party was a blast, great to see the sun shine and can you believe she put a surfing ban on all of us on the one day of the year that Middleton Bay was CRANKING!! A few grumpy kids in the morning I tell ya!! ha ha!

Ry has been having a ball playing with all the cousins! Jethro is 2 months older than him and the two had their Christening ceremony down on the beach at Middleton Bay- Uncle Coxy and Uncle Dan did the honors of pouring water from Wategos Beach in Byron Bay over the boys heads, inducting them into our religion-SURFING!

Serena and I even got in a little surf with Kate, Andrew and Uncle Coxy! Single fins and twinnies! Yeah!

For the past few days now Ry and I have been staying at Uncle John and Aunty Evelyn's house at Maslins Beach, the ocean view is amazing! Water is just perfect and the sunsets have been fantastic. We went out to lunch at a winery/cafe/gallery called Red Poles today, absolutely delicious! John has been painting some of their tables so in return we were treated to their finest sparkling red, ravioli soup and grilled snapper. Ry made a little girlfriend and played ball with Archie the dog.
Check out the cafe, Evelyn's giant BILBY inflatable will be up over the Easter weekend at Red Poles, along with live entertainment, more wine and great food!

Tomorrow we go back to mum's house, then back to Middleton on the weekend, and one last week in Adelaide before flying up to the east coast for a month, before going to meet Kuni in Bali! Can't wait!







Asleep at the Beach!

Henley Beach, South Australia

Yuki, Nick and Oska@Henley Beach

just after going under! 初めて顔も海の中ぜんぶ入れた!笑った!

with Sal at Japanese restaurant on King William Road, SA



nana rose


i love vegemite!
Aunty Chris

The ceremony!

Uncle Dan, Jet and Ry

Mahia's first board!

the stash!!

no waves, but just bliss

Uncle John's balcony

afternoon swim time!

not sure about older girls...

Uncle John Davis at Red Poles

his local mate the maggie

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

A day at henley

Is this the last bout of summer in Adelaide? Maybe so,but whatever the
case Ry and I love it!
Another great day-lunch with Yuki,Nick and Oska at Henley Square
followed by a swim! Ryder brave boy did some bodysurfing,going under
the water for the first time ever,head and all!!

Off to middleton this weekend,hope the swell picks up!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Blue mag out now

Do not miss the current issue of Japans Blue magazine out today!
56 pages on Single Fins in Oz!
Candid photos and interviews, stories and more.
Wayne lynch, rasta, dick van straalen, Belinda baggs, geoff McCoy, Jim
banks, chris Brock, George greenough... The names are huuuuge!!!
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Monday, March 8, 2010

Womad womad womad

Day 4 of Womad, ryder has been loving his first time!
Rain gas threatened the whole weekend but luckily we have managed to
stay reasonably dry.
Great to see Adelaide come alive for the fantastic world music event,
great music, great art, great food.

Saturday, March 6, 2010


Back in oz, right into the festivities at Womadelaide! Check out the
photos and event report on our new oz site blog page at
Just click on 'blog'
And we are having the strangest weather!!!